CPS Launches UAS Services

CPS continues to innovate by initiating unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, services. With developments in technology, UAS can be incorporated into nearly any project to increase efficiency, safety, and communication.

 Drones provide increased accessibility near hard-to-reach places like bridges, wind turbines and cell phone towers. By sending a remote aircraft to inspect these and other structures, a significant reduction in time as well as an increase in safety can be achieved.

 Aerial vehicles also provide a cost-efficient method for communicating with project stakeholders. An aerial view of a site before, during and after construction provides a means to easily communicate upcoming plans, progress throughout a project and summary of the end result.

 Additional applications include preliminary surveying for large areas, material volume computations for stockpiles, and aerial orthomosaics to obtain the most up-to-date imagery as possible.